About me

I’ve worked in marketing and design for quite a while – a few more years than I want to remember.

I’m very practical and down to earth, and I don’t think marketing a business need be complicated or costly. The trick is knowing your audience and working out the best way to speak to them. I help you to think about your customers or clients really deeply, and work out what problem you want to solve for them; how you can make their lives better. That way you make the most of our relationship and the best of your business.

I can design beautiful logos and websites and leaflets, but also advise you on how to get the best bang for your buck.

This is supposed to be about me so I’ll tell you some things:

  • I have two bunnies called Charlie and Chloe.
  • My favourite drink is diet cola.
  • I once fell down a hill and had to be rescued by Air Ambulance.
  • My favourite holiday destination is Northern Italy.
  • I once flew to New York on Concorde.
  • I fell down another hill and broke my leg.
  • I don’t like hills.