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Hello! Welcome to Tulip Street – friendly, helpful and affordable Design and Marketing.

How can I help you?

When you start a business there are so many decisions to make. You may need help choosing a name, you might have no idea where to start with creating a website, you might need a logo, business cards, promotional material, or just some advice on the best way to find or approach your potential clients. Here’s where I can help: providing targeted, cost-effective, common-sense solutions to all your business and marketing needs.

Does your business need a boost?

It’s not just business startups that have decisions to make or problems to solve. Whether it’s a full rebrand you’re after, or a new marketing plan, or some exciting promotional materials – I am here to help.

Lots of useful advice

A Brit based in The Netherlands, I am well-placed to provide advice on starting an “eenmanzaak” (one man band) or “zzp-er” (freelancer) and I’ve compiled all I’ve discovered along the way in the handy guide below. I’ve taken out much of the Dutch stuff for a guide for everyone else which includes information on naming your business and developing a business plan. I don’t ask for anything in return – not even your email address – so please feel free to download!


Logo design
Marketing advice and plans
Marketing materials and print

Download your friendly, helpful and FREE guide to starting a small business!


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